left to right: Nate Deal (bass), Brent Jackson (guitar), Zachary Wright (drums)
photo credit: Chyna Brooks

With their latest effort in Shimmer, Stay the Sea’s penchant for emotionally potent composition is made ever clearer. Shimmer focuses heavily on melody, tending to burn more slowly and resonate vibrantly, rather than blaze past quickly. This is made very evident from the opening track of the album, “Like eating glass,” in which the bowed guitar lines and delay-washed bass play off of one other in melancholy harmony for the first half of the song, before the drums finally come into play.

In addition to its deliberate pace, Shimmer shows off the band’s desire for musical diversity. Where “Like eating glass” shows off dissonance and unexpected chord structures, “For a lifetime or two” displays a clean, arpeggiated, emo-inspired sound coated in nostalgia and adventure, and “Beautiful” offers plenty of climactic outbursts and pentatonic-style riffs that evoke a more eastern sound. And that’s only a portion of the range in style and emotion that the album puts forth.

Stay the Sea is a post-rock/math/indie band based in Athens and Atlanta, GA. They draw influence from a very diverse and ever-growing catalog, though namely Thrice, A Lot Like Birds, Sigur Rós, Russian Circles, and lots of ambient and film music come to mind when attempting to pinpoint the top tier of influences.


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"I was jealous of her is like an acoustic map-book, a collection of intricate soundscapes that will lead you to different places."

"The music works together incredibly well and the band have been inventive with the sounds they make, creating a great album here from start to finish."

"Soundscapes is the best word to use to roughly describe what Stay The Sea's music is like. Digging deeper into it brings more emotions and impressions, inner images, and thoughts, than pure intellectual analysis."

"By the time they performed at Athfest in July 2014, many locals were familiar with Stay the Sea..."