With their latest effort in Shimmer, Stay the Sea’s penchant for emotionally potent composition is made ever clearer. Shimmer focuses heavily on melody, tending to burn more slowly and resonate vibrantly, rather than blaze past quickly. This is made very evident from the opening track of the album, “Like eating glass,” in which the bowed guitar lines and delay-washed bass play off of one other in melancholy harmony for the first half of the song, before the drums finally come into play.

In addition to its deliberate pace, Shimmer shows off the band’s desire for musical diversity. Where “Like eating glass” shows off dissonance and unexpected chord structures, “For a lifetime or two” displays a clean, arpeggiated, emo-inspired sound coated in nostalgia and adventure, and “Beautiful” offers plenty of climactic outbursts and pentatonic-style riffs that evoke a more eastern sound. And that’s only a portion of the range in style and emotion that the album puts forth.

Stay the Sea

Born from the wreckage of a disjointed and unsuccessful album writing process, this self-titled EP is bathed in nostalgia, as it harbors the familiar vibe of Stay the Sea's earlier works, but with a far more refined and tasteful realization.

I was jealous of her

"I was jealous of her" is an instrumental 9-track album inspired by, and partially meant to accompany, Hanamonogatari, an anime based off of a light novel of the same name by Nisio Isin. The album most closely resembles post-rock in genre, but borrows heavier elements from more aggressive styles of music, such as metal and post-hardcore.

A Patterned Length of Light

A Patterned Length of Light, released in May 2015, plays more to Stay the Sea's calmer post-rock vibes, and sets a very atmospheric and almost tranquil tone, even through the more up-tempo and distorted tracks.